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Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take for my succulents to arrive?


We send our succulents by first class post from the islands. In 95% of cases they will arrive with 2 days. Occasionally they can take a little longer. Please take that into consideration when ordering. Our succulents are made of tough stuff and will happily survive in the post for several days.


Is same day delivery possible?


Unfortunately due to Scilly’s location and postal options same day delivery is not possible. 


My succulents haven’t arrived what should I do?


Please leave up to standard postal 3 days for the succulents to be delivered. Because of Scilly’s location post can take a little longer. Bad weather may affect postage for a day or two. However we endeavour to keep you updated of any delays on these rare occasions.

Do you deliver abroad?


Unfortunately not. Perhaps in the future!


My succulents were damaged.


Please let us know immediately if there were any problems with your delivery. 





Should I grow my succulents outside or inside?


First of all I'm always available on 07540521137 or if you have any questions about planting or caring for your succulents. Succulents make great houseplants and look wonderful in your garden. They just need plenty of light. If you live in an area prone to frost and snow it’s worth growing them in pots and bring them in in the winter months. 

What kind of soil should I use?


The most important thing is to have well drained soil. If you are planting in a pot (in the home or outside)  you can buy soil that has sand or gravel in it for better drainage. The most important thing is to make sure the pot has drainage holes. In your garden make sure you plant succulents in an area that drains well and isn’t a ‘wet area’. Rockeries and stone walls are perfect. Make sure they get at least half a day of sunlight. 


How often should I water them?


After you’ve planted them water them in. After that, water around once a week.  They don’t like to be wet. Once they are established you can water less frequently. 


My succulent isn’t the colour I expected it to be?


Some succulents change colour slightly in the winter months when there is less light. For example Aeonium Zwartkops are much blacker in the summer and greener in the winter months. Plants shipped in the winter months can appear slightly duller in colour and may have dry patches. This is completely normal and will perk up once planted. 

Are all the succulents native to Scilly?

Our succulents are native to countries all over the world particularly South Africa, the Canaries and Southern Europe.

They've ended up growing wild in Scilly's hedgerows and seashores. Our mild winters means they spread and seed rapidly. We are expanding our collection of succulents and occasionally we import stocks from trusted suppliers in Cornwall but the majority of our succulents are grown on the farm.




As soon as you have unpacked your succulents put them near a window and give them a spritz of water. 


They will be fine in their box for several days.


You can grow them in specialist cactus soil but compost is a good alternative. It just needs to be free draining.


They need light. Make sure they are near a window. Water them lightly once a week. 


You can plant them outside. If there's going to be a frost then pull them out, pop inside and then replant. 


If you have questions feel free to email I'm always available to talk succulents.

Growing Tips
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