Scandi Three Pot Succulent Pack

Scandi Three Pot Succulent Pack


These set of three succulent pots are fresh, functional and perfect for creating an indoor succulent eco-system with style and a Scandi Boho aesthetic.


Your pots, succulents and moss come wrapped in tissue paper so they are the perfect gigt to send to a loved one. 


What's included....


3 mini cement pots with different designs

Decorative moss

3 Scilly Succulents we select for you

Postage and packaging 

(Compost is not included) 


How do I look after them?


Your succulents come with tips for growing them but the most important things are lots of light and very occasional watering. If you are growing them outside then make sure you bring them in if it is going to snow or heavily frost. Succulents are fine being pulled out of the ground and kept somewhere safe until the cold weather passes.