9 Succulent Box

Our nine small succulents are a perfect low maintenance present for your loved one.  I include advice for first time succulent growers.
The succulents are delivered from my island farm in beautiful boxes tied with an elegant ribbon. We hand write gift cards so you can include a personal message.
Your box includes:-
Echeveria Blue Flatter Leaves - these grey blue echeverias grow in clusters and will add joy to any space.
Echeveria Lilacina - these pretty silver leaved plants are an elegant addition to your collection. It's large but slow growing and is beautiful in mixed succulent pots.
Aeonium Black - a dark coloured succulent. It's quick growing and its colour changes from green to a dramatic claret in summer.
Echeveria Black Knight- a dramatic looking chocolate brown and green succulent with a matt finish. 
Echeveria Lobed Leaves - a small round leaved succulent that creates beautiful displays. 
Aeonium Arboreum - Perfect for bringing a little sparkle to your home. These aeoniums have star shaped leaves with a pink trim.
Aeonium Green - Looking like little cabbages these grow into dramatic branched plants that are easy to grow.
Echeveria Duchess of Nuremberg - with rainbows being the Christmas trend of 2018 these pale pink plants add a touch of colour to your home.
Echeveria Topsy Turvy - an unusual leaved succulent which is silver grey in colour. 
  • Postage & Delivery

    Orders are dispatched by First Class Royal Mail post and dispatched next postal day. Please be aware our post can sometimes be subject to delays as a result of bad weather. Should this be the case we will do our best to inform you of any delays expected. 

  • Return Policy

    Due to the nature of the product unfortunately we cannot offer returns. We will only send products in good condition.  If for any reason you are unhappy any product you receive from us please contact us and we will try and resolve any issue. Thank you.